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Susan's Picks
Susan, the heart, soul and brains behind all that is The Book Keeper bookstore. Knowledgeable, tireless, kind...she is our Wonder Woman! If you are looking for the next literary marvel that will change your life, seek the advice of Susan. If you are looking for the perfect book for any occasion, seek the advice of Susan. If you've heard about this book, about this guy, who did this thing and it had a blue cover, seek the advice of Susan. She's that good! (I'm totally getting that big raise!!)
Julie's Picks
Julie is SUPERMAN(ager) here at The Book Keeper! There's nothing she can't do! Julie spends her down time reading nice historical fiction or juicey family dramas, always with a fuzzy kitty by her side. Need information on the best of the "Little House on the Prairie" series or books on 80's hair bands? Well look no further than Julie! She's also a fountain of knowledge when it comes to the perfect beach read! And keep in mind that after raising two super readers, she has the perfect recommendations for kids of all ages!
Robin's Picks
Robin has been here at The Book Keeper since the sixth Harry Pottter came out! Yes, that's how she measures time! Robin's a bit of an enigma...You can't say her taste in books lie here or there...they lie everywhere! Just like Baby, no one puts Robin in a corner (of the bookstore)! She can be found reading a thriller, a fantasy novel, women's fiction or a beautiful literary masterpiece! But Robin's true passion can be found in the cookbook isle. Gluten free, vegetarian, comfort foods and grilling...Robin owns them all. It's a bit of a problem. We are urging her to seek help...
Jenn's Picks
Jenn is our resident vegetarian and super geek! She's into the 3 "F's", fitness and fantasy! She also loves historical fiction and all books classic! Jenn can be found running our teen book club here, every Third Thursday. She has two teen boys of her own and many nieces and nephews that keep her up to date on all the best and latest in YA and kids' fiction. Don't forget to ask her where she gets her incredible T-shirts!
Kendra's Picks
Kendra...she loves a sad book. Sad books and kittens. Sad books that have kittens in them. Any book that makes her cry is pretty much what she reads. Then she wipes her tears away with a kitten. You think it's a joke, but it's true.
Holly's Picks
Holly is our newest and undeniably sweetest bookseller! She likes highly engrossing, page turning reads that keep her guessing or make her heart sing. She is known for pairing her books with her most favourite thing in the world, wine.
Laura's Picks 
Laura is cute, stylish, creative and a bit of a kook! So that means she fits in perfectly here at The Book Keeper. She loves a good love story or steamy romance, a creepy thriller or a novel that transports her to past times. She also has two young children, so is an inexhaustible resource for children's books!
Ann's Picks
Ann is probably one of the nicest people to ever work here at the store! and she is so well read! Her tastes are wide and varied and she would be delighted to share some of her favourite books with you.
Paetah's Picks  
Paetah is our new and improved, student de jour! She is quirky and friendly and says things like "Holy Chalupa!" She loves broadway musicals, weiner dogs named Frank and teen books that deal with real life issues. So next time you're in the store, make sure to have a chat with our newest Book Keeper family member. She's cute as a button!
Justin's Picks
Justin is one of our favourite student, staff members! Along with his winning personality and fabulous hair, his vast knowledge and mature taste in books, makes him a true asset! Come in and seek him out when you need advice on a gift for the intellectual in your life! But please keep your hands off the hair!
Erin's Picks
Erin is one of our newer hires! What can be said about Erin...? She's way younger and cooler than most of us here and is a very talented photographer. She loves a good graphic novel and each and every feminist book, button or do-dad!  She splits her time between here and our sister store, Poppies. So if you catch her here and need help with what hip, young, 20 somethings should be reading, she'll be sure to help! And unbeknownst to Erin, we are having her put on a makeup tutorial for all of us, someday soon!